Petroleum Istanbul 2019 Exhibition was held in Tuyap Center, Istanbul between 28-30 March 2019. During the energy fair Mepsan booth was overcrowded with the high level of attention recieved from the oil companies and station owners. Mepsan introduced their new concepts including “Dark Stations”, “Self Service Terminal”, “Markets with Smart Vending Machines”, “Centralized CarWash Technologies”, “Smart Elbow, Smart Nozzle for Right Filling”, “Robotic Pump” and many more for the visiting customers.

Throughout the fair, with the new patented products and the concepts mentioned above, Mepsan tried to explain how a station can work with absolutely no employees better than today’s world by integrating every product with another and monitoring everything from a central location as well as cell phones of the authorized personel.

Some key concepts such as “Mepsan Self Service Terminal” showed that washing Technologies, high technology markets and of course the dispencers can be integrated so that when you pay to get a service from one of these, the remaing value could be used in any other place. This is very valuable because after late hours it is cost defective for the oil companies and station owners to hire lots of employees for night watch during these unbusy hours.

Mepsan also brought an end to the wrong filling of the motorized vehicles and station tanks with the newly introduced patented Smart Elbow and Smart Nozzle. Smart Elbow is used between tankers and station tanks where Smart Nozzle directly distinguishes the fuel in the car and the fuel coming from the dispencer.

Other than these, new Markets concept drew lots of attention due to the integration with the mobile application where the customers from miles away can select the station and put their order in for their time is precious. When they come to the station, they can immediately get their package and leave immedaitely because they already made their payment.

Last but not final, Mepsan Robotic Pump was considered as “State of Art” by many people because without leaving the car and no pump attendants, Mepsan showed the future of self service by making more than 1000 demonstrations during the exhibiton.

For more information, you can directly call, visit Mepsan website or follow the social media accounts to get a better insight of the future Technologies Mepsan offers.

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