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We are not satisfied with being one of the largest fuel station equipment manufacturers in the world; we prospect to become the leading brand for fuel station solutions in the world by turning the dream station of the future into reality and performing pioneering improvements in alternative automotive fuel types. As the local industrial leader, we are heading resolutely towards being the future global leader of the industry.

Assuming innovation as an indispensable part of sustainable success, we have taken it as the starting point of our most powerful capability. Our design skills, engineering experience, production power, priority for sustainability and wide range of solutions are the supporting basic values of our corporation.



As MLB group leading in fuel and oil equipment industry in Turkey since 1992, we conduct our all activities in parallel with evolving current implementation and legislations about occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Security issues in Turkey and in the world with “Zero Tolerance” principle. In our all production, product and service stages, we show quite sensitivity about the conformity of these principles

In Mepsan, we put our HSSE policies in focus of our all production, product and service process not side of our business.

For all sectors especially fuel, petrochemical and chemical industries, we offer effective environmental solutions and consultancy services to our all stakeholders with MPT company established in MLB Group incorporating Mepsan, which has been authorized regarding the improvement of contaminated area by the official institutions.


Incorporated in Konya as a local service company in 1992, Mepsan undertook the first fuel dispenser production in 1993. Driven by the growing business volume, it moved to its second manufacture plant of 1.000 m² in 1997 and to its current manufacture plant in 2000. In 2005, it moved its management organization to the new Head Office in Istanbul in parallel with the the expansion of its business portfolio and international growth. Gaining a momentum of growth as from 2007, Mepsan increased its production area from 2.500 m2 to 45.000 m² and the number of its employees to 300 shortly afterwards and it became the local market leader thanks to its operations expanding to 30 countries.

Brand Vision

MEPSAN, revising its brand promise at its 22nd anniversary, has determined “Innovative complete fuel station solutions brand” as its new vision that shall direct it towards the future.


Mepsan develops innovative technologies steering the industry in its unprecedented R&D department in Technocity, Selcuk University with its 15 R&D experts. Mepsan R&D centre strives to build the future of fuel stations while improving its product portfolio with new generation technologies and innovative designs.



We perform activities to become a brand well- known for integrated and fast solutions all through the value chain from product development to after-sales services. We are able to create difference with our industrial experience and qualified team capable of meeting requirements and expectations of the industry using state-of- the-art technology. We detect potential problems aboveground and underground in stations and offer fast solutions. We evaluate all the calls received by our call centre operating on 24/7 basis all over the world and refer them to appropriate service teams, making it possible for us to meet all requests.


The company gives priority to restrict consumption of limited resources by focusing on recycling and environmental protection activities in all products and services. We perform environment and human centered activities by ensuring sustainability of variety and productivity. We prefer re-usable and recyclable materials.

While making investment decisions, we take sustainability criteria into account and act with prudence so as to limit the effects of our activities on environment. In addition to complying with the requirements of “ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”, we support environmental projects .

Production Capability

We aim to be a global leader in the industry thanks to our production plant, which is one of the largest and most modern in the world. The plant which has a total activity area of 45.000 m² accounts for production equivalent to 36,000 nozzles per year. This capacity makesus one of the leading produ cers in the world .

All the production activities are performed in our plant suitable for manufacturing multiple products. The products are manufactured more rapidly, safely and efficiently with the use of state-of-the- art CNC machinery. Electronic cards are produced with state-of- the-art and fully computerized surface assembly machinery.


We offer advanced engineering solutions integrating electronic and mechanical hardware with high technology and safety software. We create various pioneering products and applications for the industry as a result of the activities performed in our R&D Centre in Technocity.

Devising TUBITAK certified projects and developing products with maximum safety, we are able to receive ATEX certificate for all our products along with their complementary parts. Furthermore, MID certification guarantees precision of measurement and calibration with respect to metering and centrifuge systems.


We make outstanding designs characterized with integrated outer appearance and superior functional properties. Producing fuel, LPG, CNG and Ad Blue dispensers, we are able to create distinctive concepts making use of superb technology to add value to the stations and brands.

Our designs are distinguished with their modern styles in that they remain original while harmonizing with the corporate identity of each station to the maximum level. Incorporating excellent design and functionality, our products provide cost advantage and ease of use in addition to creating difference in stations where they are utilized.


We are committed to sustaining the competitive advantage of our products and services by means of introducing innovative solutions and technologies. We perform the development and implementation phases pursuant to the principle of innovation thanks to our know-how, industrial capabilities and technical expertise.

We continuously renew not only our products and services but also our corporation to bring future to the current day with the rigorous efforts of our experienced and creative R&D engineers. Developing new designs, solutions and technological functions enables us to create a difference with innovative products and services providing competitive advantage for our business partners.


Undertaking its operations in an area of totally 45.000 m² comprised of 17.000 m² indoor area in Konya, Mepsan manufactures all its products in its own plant. It performs production activities in state-of-the-art CNC machines by using Solidworks, Auto CAD and 3D Max software from design till end product. Its production plant of advanced technology has an annual capacity of 36,000 nozzles. Having 300 employees including 15 R&D experts and 60 engineers, Mepsan offers services with 140 white collar employees from production to service phase.


Ultimate Station Technologies

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