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Combination of
Power and Technology!
We are not satisfied with being one of the largest fuel station equipment manufacturers in the world; we prospect to become the leading brand for fuel station solutions in the world by turning the dream station of the future into reality and performing pioneering improvements in alternative automotive fuel types. As the local industrial leader, we are heading resolutely towards being the future global leader of the industry.
Mepsan Petrol 
One step forward
with Mepsan.
Assuming innovation as an indispensable part of sustainable success, we have taken it as the starting point of our most powerful capability. Our design skills, engineering experience, production power, priority for sustainability and wide range of solutions are the supporting basic values of our corporation.
Now it is Mepsan,

from a to izzard.

Our designs are distinguished with their modern styles in that they remain original while harmonizing with the corporate identity of each station to the maximum level. Incorporating excellent design and functionality, our products provide cost advantage and ease of use in addition to creating difference in stations where they are utilized.

Unique Design
Reates difference in stations with its design philosophy harmonious with modern world.

Unique Design

Dispensers are distinguished with their single part hydraulic section, front plastic panel, door design, cladded column, large corporate cladding area and large product label area.


Thanks to its special design, our eye-pleasing dispensers that are ergonomic and can be customized are waiting for you.

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