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Fuel, LPG, CNG, Ad Blue Dispensers

Special designs to facilitate easy maintenance and rapid services


Incorporated in Konya as a local service company in 1992, Mepsan undertook the first fuel dispenser production in 1993. Driven by the growing business volume, it moved to its second manufacture plant of 1.000 m² in 1997 and to its current manufacture plant in 2000.

In 2005, it moved its management organization to the new Head Office in Istanbul in parallel with the the expansion of its business portfolio and international growth. Gaining a momentum of growth as from 2007, Mepsan increased its production area from 2.500 m2 to 45.000 m² and the number of its employees to 300 shortly afterwards and it became the local market leader thanks to its operations expanding to 30 countries.



Mepsan develops innovative technologies steering the industry in its unprecedented R&D department in Technocity, Selcuk University with its 15 R&D experts.

After Sales Services

Mepsan performs its activities with real-time problem monitoring devices in Mepsan Call Center since 2004.


Undertaking its operations in an area of totally 45.000 m² comprised of 17.000 m² indoor area in Konya, Mepsan manufactures all its products in its own plant.


In Mepsan, we put our HSSE policies in focus of our all production, product and service process not side of our business.

Pioneering Brand MEPSAN

We are not satisfied with being one of the largest fuel station equipment manufacturers in the world; we prospect to become the leading brand for fuel station solutions in the world by turning the dream station of the future into reality and performing pioneering improvements in alternative automotive fuel types. As the local industrial leader, we are heading resolutely towards being the future global leader of the industry.

President's Message


Practical and technological solutions compatible with outdoor areas

Mepsan offers the most reliable, functional and practical cash register options for stations; dispenser, kiosk and column type cash registers suitable for all weather and field conditions.

Each transaction is kept safely in electronic card unit (ECU) with 1 million line capacity option in line with the communiqué issued by the Ministry of Finance. The system not only provides roll saving but also reduces storage costs. Z reports, X reports, detailed and summary financial memory reports, Shift-Z reports, Shift-X reports and ECU detailed reports are prepared in a very reliable manner.

Mifare card reader facilitates automation system. Loyalty programmes are adapted according to needs and automation processes such as vehicle and customer identification systems are performed easily. Equipped with the lightest construction, the device offers ease of use thanks to its plug-close cover, large LCD monitor and the feature of re-printing the latest voucher with a single touch.

R&D department has designed supplementary ECU software for cash registers developed for special projects so as to make it possible to undertake sales activities according to plate numbers, names, tests and transfer details.



Profitable, high-quality and safe solutions!

Mepsan, who offers infrastructural products of the worldwide trademarks like Brugg and Nupigeco, develops profitable, high-end and reliable solutions. Mepsan submersible pump SB02, the most reliable submersible pump of the world; brings various advantages into your business with its low investment and optimum maintenance costs, high flow debit with minimal working noise, low investment needs for underground layout and high accuracy in line leak detection.

Developing the first steel blind flexible pipe, Brugg offers efficient solutions from planning till the commissioning phase with its high international reputation.

Nupigeco gathers cutting edge products as flexible pipes, special tools and equipments, single and double wall fittings, welding units, sumps and its accessories, plug and inlet connection tools and sealing equipments in its range with perfect understanding of quality and terms of warranty.



Indispensable accessory options for stations

Mepsan devises indispensable products for stations such as portable fuel stations, tanker systems, industrial dispensers, electronic lubricant dispensers, air compressors and tyre gauges. It offers practical, economical and safe alternatives to the requirements of the industry for portable fuel stations and tanker systems, fuel logistics and transportation. Industrial dispensers offer problem-free services in challenging working conditions of corporate customers.

Electronic lubricant dispensers provide calibration and long-term protection in that they are the first and only mechanisms working with dispenser system in our industry. Safe and environmentally friendly air compressors turn out to be a practical solution to the requirements of stations thanks to their high flow rate, fast activity, ease of use, long life and affordable spare part opportunities. Tyre Gauges are distinguished with their safety, speed, precision, language options, wide screen, modular body, heavy service usage and practical usage properties.



Innovative systems changing understanding of automation

Mepsan automation solutions are distinguished from other solutions existing in station automation systems with its design in parallel with the latest improvements in technology and changing industrial needs. Mepsan automation systems provide various safety and business management solutions to the users with their superior properties such as database management, software version track, data transfer check, anti-virus protection, network safety management, back-up and data loss prevention procedures thanks to its unique Industrial PC based technological solution with LINUX operating system.

The system transmits all kinds of information from the station to the center instantly, all analyses are conducted on the database in the center, and 100% web based operations management architecture makes it possible to have safe access to the information from any point without time and space restrictions.


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