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We made the 9th shipment of the MEPMOBIL, which is a product developed with Mepsan’s superior technology and engineering experience, to our valuable customer GULF.

Offering practical, cost-effective and safe solutions to corporate needs, the Industex Series Container Portable Fuel Station was integrated to our the STAWIZ network, which is actively used at 125 stations, in January, 2020. Gulf, our valued customer who we have been a solution partner since 2011, has shown that it closely follows the developments in our sector with 9 MEPMOBIL purchases during the 9-month period and has incorporated these developments.

MLB Group, which has facilities and investments that can meet all the needs of a station from A to Z, carries the leading flag of our country in the market with its exports to 5 continents and 70 countries; it continues to contribute to the economy both nationally and worldwide every year, expanding production facilities and utilizing resources in full capacity.

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