MEPSAN participated in the FORECOURTTECH 2019 Forum.

MEPSAN has taken its place in the Forecourtech event, which was organized between 14-15th October in Alicante-Spain, in order to bring together the leading fuel retailers and global solution suppliers.

FORECOURTTECH 2019 event focused on today’s rapidly growing digital smart stations of the future, provided different interesting presentations on Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Price Management Systems and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems. MEPSAN held meetings with participants from different countries.

By launching our new Modular Station Concept with MLB Group animation presentation, we have given the messages that we will bring a new direction to the industry by 2020 with the innovative solutions produced by our group of companies. We have introduced the new station concept to the global actors of the industry with our Traditional and Innovative Station Technologies, Self-Service Payment & Vending Systems, Fuel-LPG-CNG-DEF-LNG-EV Modular Station Solutions, Industrial Measurement & Smart Filling Systems, Car Wash Technologies and Environmental Solutions offered by the synergy of MEPSAN, TRACO, MITES and MPT Group companies.

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