Always making a difference with its high-tech innovative products, MEPSAN continues to offer its MEPBLUE units, which emerged with the signature of its own design team, the finishing touches of the MEPSAN R&D team, and the exceptional workmanship of the MLB production team, to the service of its customers in the Balkans.

Produced in Konya facilities of MLB Group, providing Adblue (DEF) storage and distribution services for both passenger cars and heavy vehicles, including the distinctive STAWIZ All-In-One automation system as well as a 2m³ storage capacity, portable MEPBLUE stations were put into work in 5 different locations in the Balkans.

Adblue, which is an important tool in reducing exhaust emissions, is known as an auxiliary chemical that minimizes air pollution. While the world is being redesigned with the concepts of a clean environment and zero waste, MEPSAN’s technology offers environmentally friendly solutions that reduce hazardous gas emissions with portable MEPBLUE units.

MLB Group, which has facilities and investments that can meet all the needs of a station from A to Z, carries the leading flag of our country in the sector with its export to 5 continents and 70 countries; it continues to contribute to the economy both nationally and worldwide among its every year, expanding production facilities and full capacity utilization.

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