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Another Outstanding Move by MLB Group in Georgia

Equipment that are produced by MLB Group companies MEPSAN,TRACO and MITES which are fuel dispensers,otomation systems,infrastructure materials,underground tanks, and tank-mounted equipments continues to meet market demands in Georgian market which the Group leads.

Serving the sector with its facilities and investments that can provide each and every need of a fuel station, from underground to above ground at full capacity, the companies within MLB Group has achieved a great success by meeting all the needs of a half-state run station on the Georgian-Russian border.

 After the Shipment of MEPSAN BASELINE H Series industrial fuel dispensers, STAWIZ station automation systems, 3F and 5F IPC controlled SB series submersible pumps, MITES underground overflow valves, tank and dispenser tanks, TRACO double-walled underground tanks and MEPPIPE infrastructure materials the installation of the products was successfully completed by PETROTECH LLC, the distributor of Mepsan in Georgia.The station at Russian border has started serving light and heavy vehicles at full capacity.

 With this Project, MLB Group and its distributor, which manifesting the quality of its products , systems and services,  signed a preliminary agreement for the next project to be materialized at another border gate in Georgia.

MLB Group, which has facilities and investments that can meet all the needs of a station from A to Z, carries the leading flag of our country in the sector with its export to 5 continents and 70 countries; it continues to contribute to the economy both nationally and worldwide among its every year, expanding production facilities and full capacity utilization.

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