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The MEPSAN SST-20 Self Service Payment Terminal, has been introduced to the market as a product that enables customers to pay with whatever method they wish(cash, card). The product allows the customer to purchase fuel in any desired amount and to perform the filling themselves. Furthermore, there is no need to wait in line for a single dispenser or nozzle to benefit from this service.  The self-service payment terminal, which can preset the amount of fuel paid to any dispenser nozzle in the station thanks to its software, aims to provide great convenience to the customers. The product, which was launched in June in the Balkans and produced under European standards, has successfully been in use for the last 4 months. This product, which is already on the forecourts of our customers in the Balkans, can also work in an integrated manner with the STAWIZ + automation system that was developed by MEPSAN’s software engineers. Thus, it can be easily integrated with ELEVENTECH washing systems and AVENDA vending systems also developed by MEPSAN. Apart from this, preliminary studies have been started in order to benefit from the mobile application feature for this self-service terminal, which was developed considering not only the present but also the future. As a result of these studies, the system in the future will be integrated with the mobile application and customers will be able to make their payments via the application without even getting out of their cars.

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