Stawiz Plus has a user-friendly and customizable interface that gives the firm and its authorized users many advantages. While our software team developed Stawiz Plus, Mepsan branded it as a technology beyond all necessities by evaluating the returns taken from the field in all automation software.

Especially in the filtering process, it provides positive benefits to the users in terms of effective time management as it enables to create filters for every query taken throughout the application and to save them and to use them again without needing to reorganize them when needed.

If desired, Stawiz Plus Advantages, in-page documentation on each page and each piece can provide all the necessary information about usage without the need for separate documentation. Graphic reports provide a more visual presentation than lists.

At Stawiz Plus, a customer can be thought of as a distributor and multiple vehicle fleets under the customer, vehicle groups under the vehicles, vehicles under the vehicle groups can be identified.
This structure makes it possible to distribute discounts made to a customer at lower levels.
In addition, customers can be identified as a share of that customer’s commission when they bring in another customer.
In Stawiz Plus, the payment term (pre-pay / post-pay / loyalty) is defined on a per-tag basis, not on a customer basis. This allows a customer to work with different payment terms.