Industex Series Tank Type Mobile Fuel Station

Industex Series Tank Type Mobile Fuel Station

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Designed with the superior technology and engineering expertise of Mepsan, Industex Series Tank Type Portable Fuel Station offers practical, affordable and reliable solutions to corporate requirements. The product creates the opportunity for on-site fuel supply for different enterprises by providing rapid and easy installation advantages with its compact design. Offering refueling solutions for seasonal requirements of holiday resorts, marinas and agricultural areas as well as sites, mining enterprises and large fleets, Industex Type T Tank Portable Fuel Station is preferred for low-volume and short-term requirements not suitable for incurring the cost of installing fixed stations.

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  •  Tank level gauging system
  • High-flow pump
  • Tank sump
  • Double-wall tank
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Heating system special design
  • Composite hose
  • Overfill prevention valve
  • Single product, double nozzle dispnser
  • Generator field type production capability
  • 80 lpm high-flow centrifuge pump
  • Fill cabinet
  • Sensitive metering system displaying fuel level %
  • Rapid filling with 400 lpm ex-proof transfer pump
  • Integrated automation system

General Specifications

  • Fuel tank types with single wall between 5.000 lt – 40.000 lt capacity
  • TSE standards and Fuel dispensers with ATEX and MID certificates
  • Centrifuge pump with 45 lpm flow rate
  • Ventilation system providing discharge of fuel vapour into atmosphere and air inlet into the tank from atmosphere during refueling operations
  • Specially designed piping for easy fuel transfer from tank to pump
  • Long lasting resistance with galvanized materials used for installation
  • Emergency stop button to suspend fuel transfer from tank/dispenser in case of emergency.
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