Body and General Features!

Değişimi Başlattık!
  • Flow rate options 40 lt/min. standard flow rate, 80 lt/min. high flow rate, 120 lt/min. very high flow rate
  • -20 ºC / + 50 ºC liquid temperature
  • 2.5 Bar maximum working pressure
  • Maximum 50 lt/min, minimum 5 lt/min flow rate
  • 25 Bar maximum working pressure
  • -20 ºC / + 60 ºC liquid temperature
  • ± % 0,5 fuel meter ratio and high sensitivity
  • -25 ºC / + 55 ºC ambient temperature
  • Cladded Frame System enabling easy-replacement at the field.
  • Corrosion resistant internal parts
  • Aesthetic appearance and high resistance in nozzle boots, column components, adaptor plastic and on-column ventilation all made of engineering plastic.
  • The panel made of engineering plastic and has specific place for POS-Cash Registers
  • Corrosion resistant body made of robust materials
  • MID and ATEX certificated hydraulic units
  • Protection metal plates located on each side of electronic panel providing resistance against nozzle hits
  • Optional language menu

We Initiated Change!

Electronic and Hydraulic Features

  • Modular electronic hardware providing easy maintenance
  • PID data backup and security systems
  • High data security and accurate measurement by smart pulsar system
  • Low leakage risk by modular hydraulic system design and advanced seal system
  • Problem-free operation with touch keypad
  • Correct measurement at every temperature by ATC Probe
  • 7 digit electromechanical totalizer
  • High sensitivity settings by electronic calibration
  • Liter / Money preset options
  • Failure and service recognition, easy maintenance, ID- controlled security system with RS 485 communication interface
  • Backlight / LCD information screen
  • LCD screen system which show error codes, program menu codes and instructions
  • Protocol options provide effective communication with different automation systems available in different regions of the world


  • Same body design fuel- LPG dispensers
  • Options to assemble POS-Cash Register at the field
  • Wide options for hose and nozzle equipment
  • Satellite dispenser implementations
  • Stainless steel frame for special applications
  • Remotely accessible 22’’ industrial controller based outdoor LCD
  • Hose retraction mechanism
  • Vapor recovery system
  • Filter options
  • Flow rate options 40 lt/min. standard flow rate, 80 lt/min. high flow rate, 120 lt/min. very high flow rate
  • Monophase motor option
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