Distinguished solutions to stations

Distinguished solutions to stations

R&D engineers of Mepsan have created Proline Series comprised of state-of-the-art fuel dispensers adding value to stations with their knowledge, skills and expertise. Proline Series combines new communication solutions with the precision and safety expected from dispensers to create difference and customer loyalty in parallel with the increase in global competition and acceleration of technological improvements.

Proline Series creates difference by offering more than a traditional station. Having an impressive outlook with its dynamic and eye-catching modern design, elaborate wide frame, information screen equipped with Mepsan On-Vision technology, and Multimedia LCD monitor, Proline Series dispensers add a distinguishing elegance to stations. Proline Series consists of Proline H-M, Proline H-LPG-M and Proline Combo-M.

Safety Package

In parallel with the new safety laws, the special system developed along with Proline Series prevents undesirable, incorrect and unauthorized interventions so as to have access to correct information.

Pump ID Unit

Pump ID Unit has been specifically designed by Mepsan R&D department to prevent unauthorized interventions by keeping all the setting parameters and electronic component properties of each dispenser. Mesh cover property makes it impossible to dismantle the Pump ID Unit from dispenser chassis without inflicting a physical damage.

SMD Assembled Chip

SMD assembled chip prevents replacement or substitution of the electromechanical total card with a different card as each card is given a special serial number. As for card replacement by authorized service units, interventions are secured by means of the identification of the new card to pump ID Unit.

Secure Service Operations

Service operations of products are rendered with maximum security in global platform with GPS positioning control system, face identification system and dynamic encryption. GPS positioning control system makes it possible to check if the relevant service operations are available in the station where the breakdown has occurred. Service staff responsible for responding to the breakdown verifies his identity by entering face identification software available in the tablet pc and receives a password confirmation for response. After confirming his identity, the service staff receives an online dynamic service password from Mepsan Service Centre. This password is produced for single use and specifically for the relevant breakdown. The system prevents unauthorized interventions and spare part replacement operations.


Proline Series creates difference in stations with its design philosophy harmonious with modern world. Dispensers are distinguished with their single part hydraulic section, front plastic panel, door design, cladded column, large corporate cladding area and large product label area.


Proline Series secures data with its electronic mechanism. Pump identity unit stores all parameters for the dispenser safely and prevents unauthorized intervention. Electronic system components are assembled independently so as to perform more rapid and budget friendly services.


“Smart pulser” and “smart meter” technologies inherent in modular hydraulic system guarantee precise measurement. Thereby, fuel sale is made by means of correct data in addition to preserving profitability with special fraud protection system.


Mepsan design engineers have developed special software and hardware technologies to present an electronic system equipped with a front panel structure meeting all kinds of integration requirements such as cash register, automation and payment systems.

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