Body and General Features
  • Possibility to make test & transfer transactions specific for plate number, special plate number and names.
  • Full compatibility with vehicle identification systems
  • Manuel transaction options against the communication failures with the dispenser
  • Full integration with all fuel stations and all type of dispenser in Turkey
  • Ambient temperature: – 30°C/+55 °C
  • Electronica Journal Unit (EJU)
  • Fiscal memory with 1800 days capacity
  • Mifare 13.65 Mhz card reader
  • 128×64 graphic LCD backlight screen
  • 3 pieces RS485 and 1 piece RS232 communication port
  • 1 piece Ethernet port
  • Guaranteed thermal printer for 50km length
  • Easy-load thermal printer slip role, 30m long and 56mm width slip and weather protection for the slip
  • Approved CE, TSE, ATEX IP54
  • 6 different fuel type can be programmable
  • 15 line slip title
  • Z report, X report fiscal memory report ( detailed and abstract options)
  • Z-report of shift, X-report of shift detailed report of EJU
  • Interface matching
  • Date registration with high level safety and high degree of protection against interference
  • Limitless VAT programme
  • The possibility of transactions up to 10 nozzle
  • Last slip screen with one touch
  • Low power consumption
  • Configurable in summer and winter time report
  • Allowance to manual transactions during 48 hours
  • Alphanumeric faraday caged membrane keypad with 41 key
  • 128×64 graphic blue-LCD screen
  • Integrated sensitive clock with self-calibration

We Initiated Change!

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  • Special design for fuel stations
  • On-dispenser, stand-alone and column type options
  • Capability of extending the life-time of the keypad with automatic selection of city code
  • Availability to select the payment by credit card and cash
  • Support VIS and MIS applications
  • Special score application for stations
  • Capability to improve loyalty applications
  • High capacity with 250.000 line, 500.000 line and 1.000.000 line electronic journal unit
  • Availability to print company logo on slip