Practical and technological solutions compatible with outdoor areas

Cash registers protected with password system

Mepsan offers the most reliable, functional and practical cash register options for stations; dispenser, kiosk and column type cash registers suitable for all weather and field conditions.

Each transaction is kept safely in electronic card unit (ECU) with 1 million line capacity option in line with the communiqué issued by the Ministry of Finance. The system not only provides roll saving but also reduces storage costs. Z reports, X reports, detailed and summary financial memory reports, Shift-Z reports, Shift-X reports and ECU detailed reports are prepared in a very reliable manner.

Mifare card reader facilitates automation system. Loyalty programmes are adapted according to needs and automation processes such as vehicle and customer identification systems are performed easily. Equipped with the lightest construction, the device offers ease of use thanks to its plug-close cover, large LCD monitor and the feature of re-printing the latest voucher with a single touch.

R&D department has designed supplementary ECU software for cash registers developed for special projects so as to make it possible to undertake sales activities according to plate numbers, names, tests and transfer details.

Service and Maintenance

Designed with due regard for after-sales services, cash registers are updated easily by authorized services using a PC with USB. Practical connection system used for installation of cash registers make it possible to perform assembly activities in a very short while. In case of any failure in automation system, dispenser and cash register may continue to perform sales activities as a result of a response to be made with password. The system issues a warning signal for acquisition of a new card or preparation of the card 20 sales transactions before the memory of ECU card is full. The specially designed system prevents incorrect and unauthorized interventions so as to enable to have access to the most accurate data.

Secure Service Operations

Service operations of products are rendered with maximum security in global platform with GPS positioning control system, face recognition system and dynamic encryption. GPS positioning control system makes it possible to check if the relevant service operations are available in the station where the breakdown has occurred. Service staff responsible for responding to the breakdown verifies his identity by entering face recognition software available in the tablet pc and receives a password confirmation for response. After confirming his identity with dynamic encryption, the service staff receives an online dynamic service password from Mepsan Service Center. This password is produced for single use and specifically for the relevant breakdown. The system prevents unauthorized interventions and spare part replacement operations.


Durable and elegant cash registers which are easily adapted to external environmental conditions are distinguished with large LCD background lighting, alphanumerical faraday cage membrane keyboard of 41 keys, and thermal printers. Cash registers are user friendly with their plug-and-close roll system and functionality. Electronics Mepsan cash registers keep daily transactions safely with their electronic record units in line with the communiqué issued by the Ministry of Finance. They store data with an optional capacity of 1 million lines. 1800-day financial memory makes it possible to prepare Z reports, X reports, financial memory reports, detailed and summary Shift-Z reports, Shift-X reports and ECU detailed reports. Matching with the interface provides protection against external interventions as well as high security data storage.


Fuel dispensers and customer identification systems in stations are fully integrated with automation systems such as vehicle identification systems. They are adapted to customer loyalty programme. Milfare system facilitates procedures in terms of MTS, TTS and loyalty applications. NOTE: Dispenser type cash registers are solely applicable to Mepsan dispensers.


NOTE: Dispenser type cash registers are solely applicable to Mepsan dispensers.

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