MEPSAN was at OIL & NON OIL 2019 ROME Exhibition with its distributor WOLFTANK.

In addition to the traditional gas station equipment, systems and technologies, LPG-CNG-LNG-EV Technologies, Payment Systems, Car Wash Technologies, Tanker and Fuel Logistics Solutions, Industrial Fuel Distribution Systems, many companies participated in the OIL & NON OIL 2019 ROMA event during 23-24th October. MEPSAN has taken its place with its distributor WOLFTANK, in the most busy location of the fairgrounds, introducing its Fuel-DEF-LPG-CNG Dispensers, Automation and Smart Elbow Transfer Solutions to the Italian energy industry. We have successfully completed an event in which the MEPSAN-WOLFTANK booth had a strong interest from the market.

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