SMART ELBOW , an inovative patented product, developed by MEPSAN, has been taking enormous interest from the market since the Forecourttech Forum held in Alicante-Spain between 01-02nd October, 2018.

MEPSAN presented its latest innovative and smart industry solutions in Forecourttech , a retail technology focused event for the evolving digital fuel stations, in Alicante.

The forum was a successfully orginized event which gathered the industry suppliers, fuel retailers, technology providers, key decision makers, service and system providers in a single platform which was enriched with the industry focused presentations by 10 speakers, 15-minute face-to-face meetings between attendees and networking between delegates. IOT, AI, Big Data, Data Processing, Blockchain, Customer Experience on forecourts and latest developments in mobile payment systems were the main topics discussed within the 2-day event.

Beside of its ultimate dispenser and forecourt systems solutions, MEPSAN introduced in the event its latest patented innovative solution, SMART ELBOW , which is eliminating basically the risk of cross-fillings into the storage tanks, enabling fuel quality check-ups during the fuel transfers, ensuring secure  filling transactions and providing data digitalisation of filling operations by the help of its dedicated app.“The filling points of forecourts’ storage tanks are the most neglacted fields in terms of technology and efficiency availability, compared to complex forecourt management systems such as ATG, SIR, LDS, OPT and recent  payment technologies mostly focused on pumps, tanks, pipelines, cards and software sides”, mentioned Mr. Melih Özparlak, International Sales  Manager of MEPSAN for European markets and he added ‘With its MEPSENSE technology and patented product SMART ELBOW , MEPSAN has focused on that area in order to provide the technology involvement, to increase the safety in fillings, efficiency in process management and finally to initiate digitalisation of the filling data by the help of applications self-developed by MEPSAN R&D teams.
Ahead of risky traditional filling methods and of some solutions that claim to eliminate only cross-fillings, SMART ELBOW , a patented solution in that field, is capable of preventing the cross-fillings without any drop of mix of diesel and gasoline, as well as enabling safe filling without any spill of fuel, providing contineous fuel quality check-up during the transfer and promising a ready-to-develop digital platform in order to manage the retail operation more efficiently. Once you are able to create and record the data of filling such as by whom, when, what time, compound of fuel, temprature of fuel and quality of fuel, you are also capable of recording, transfering and reporting of this data, which is one of the key aims of SMART ELBOW . Moreover, it is promising a platform to export this data to above mentioned systems such as ATG and SIR. By considering its data-digitalisation function,SMART ELBOW was one of the most attention-taking solution during Forecourttech forum that focuses on discussing and presenting retail forecourt technologies. The oil retailers should also reconsider their marketing messages to their clients and insurance costs against their insurance providers, after starting the implementation of SMART ELBOW technology into their retail networks.”

STAWIZ Vehicle Identification Solution with UHF Technology was another solution which attracted all the delegates in the event. “We have been installing our kits on 1.500 vehicles globally per day.” mentioned Mr. Oytun Tozar, The Country Manager for Turkey, and he added “that is a solution not only for customer loyalty and fleet management applications but also a complete solution to eliminate the mis-fillings on the pump side” and he also concluded “In other words, during fuel’s journey starting from tanker to a car, MEPSAN is providing a complete secure system against mis-fillings by SMART ELBOW and STAWIZ VIS solutions.”

Like in the previous international exhibitions and forums, MEPSAN showed its specialisation in providing ultimate station technologies.

You can view more information about MEPSAN, SMART ELBOW and other technologies from the following links :